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                                                            guild_of_battlefield_guides copy JohnsPicture John Knight has a tremendous capacity for retention of detail. This is the reason that he is an outstanding researcher and combined with his generosity of spirit it makes him an exceptional guide. Whether he is accompanying  guests on their first trip to the Somme or showing them the exact spot where their relative was last seen, John has both the ability and the will to bring the battlefield to life.

JennieJennie Knight is an excellent communicator. As a natural teacher, throughout her career she has been called upon to help others increase their knowledge on a variety of subjects. It was a simple progression for Jennie to share the knowledge that she has assimilated since moving to the Western Front with our visitors. Now she enjoys leading our guests onto the battlefields and ensures that they leave with a clear picture of what happened here.

John & Jennie Knight – How we started.

One of the first casualties of The Great War who we researched was the husband of John’s Maternal Grandmother, Samuel Rush. Visiting Samuel’s grave in Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery was an extraordinarily moving experience, one that neither of us were prepared for.

That visit to the Ypres Salient sparked a passion that has not diminished over the years since, resulting in our move to the heart of the French Battlefields. Our journey here, discovering the men who trod the ground where we now walk and following where their footsteps took them has been one full of emotion.

Now we would like to give others that opportunity, the chance to discover the detail of their relatives military service, then accompany them on a journey of discovery over the very ground their ancestors fought and ultimately may have given their lives.

As well as personalised guiding, more general tours are available and we are able to tailor a tour to address the specific needs of our client. These might include visits to the prominent sites relative to those visitors from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Newfoundland, South Africa and India who fought on the Western Front.