We really enjoyed staying with you both as we felt very much at home with you both, and I personally appreciated very much all the work John did for me regarding all the history regarding my grand father.                                  Email 7 January 2015

We stayed for two nights and toured the battlefields where our great grandfather and great uncle fought in WW1. Jennie spoilt us with her restaurant quality meals cooking for dinner and breakfast both days. John researched information on both of our relatives prior to our arrival and then was able to take us to areas where they fought and where one is now buried.                                                Trip Advisor (SilentPicket) 7 Sept 2014

We stayed with John and Jennie Knight recently while I was attempting to follow my grandfathers footsteps when he fought in the Battle of Bullecourt in April 1917 during WW1. John went beyond what we asked of him in reviewing the details of my grandfathers records which he presented to me, and we also arranged for him to take us where my grandfather had actually walked and fought. This John did with amazing accuracy and it was an amazing feeling to know that we had been able to walk so close to where he had experienced the horrors of that war.
                                                                               Trip Advisor (Silent Picket)  6 Aug 2014

John certainly knows a great deal about The Great War. Within a short time (30 minutes) at the bed and breakfast, John had found our relative’s details. Thanks to John we now know what regiment and division our relative fought in, what battles he fought in, and the medals he was awarded. Up until our visit to Silent Picket we only knew where our relative was buried.                         Trip Advisor (Silent Picket) 3 July 2014

We all agreed that you were the ideal guide for us John. You have great knowledge but by taking us to significant sites and allowing us to absorb information and atmosphere individually I think we were each able to respond in our own way. The day you organised in my Grandfather’s footsteps is an experience I shall never forget.
                                                                              Email 24 March 2013

I want to express to you both the deepest thanks for helping us to understand and come to terms with what happened to my grandfather in his last days, 96 years ago (anniversary of his death yesterday? – 14/15 July 1916). When I started doing some research on him I quickly realised that I was completely out of my depth….
…I was concerned that we would be just vaguely wandering around on the Saturday without any real direction or understanding of what took place. John’s offer to show us around and describe the progress of the battle was brilliant. We gained a real sense of the drama and the horror of those times – still being dug up (literally) with unexploded shells etc in the fields around your home. … …. I appreciated the offer of the wreath which was a really nice touch for us to leave our own personal respects to an unknown but not unloved grandfather on the memorial site….This was the wood where Grandad died, and to have the opportunity to walk around part of it was indeed an awe-inspiring experience. Both John and I were quite moved by it, to be so close to where his remains possibly still lay.                                                                       Email 15 July 2012